2004 Feb. 24 - noon to 2:30pm

12:05	Barry Loberfeld [alarm melts] - "Affirmative Action = Negative Justice"

	Zabby [jammer carmel]

2:00	Ira Raab [(latch)maker jails us] - Call him at (516) 829.4343 (516)

Press misrepresented Pres. announcement as "Ban Gay Marriage" X! The proposed legislation does not "ban" anything. You can call a cat a "horse", but it still won't eat oats. One state can change the meaning of a word, but that shouldn't force another state to accept its slang. Should be unnecc. States are generally free to make their own decisions. But, the problem comes from deliberate attempts to distort a Const. clause that uses the words "full faith and credit", which requires states to honor licenses issued by other states. Does not require one state to have the same regulations as another, but where the circumstances are identical then licenses etc. from one state are valid elsewhere. If NV grants me a license to be a BlackJack dealer, or to run a casino, that doesn't mean I can force NY to let me open one here. If KS licenses truck drivers for triple-tandem vehicles over 100' long, and also registers the vehicles, that doen't mean that NJ must allow them on the turnpike. If a Texas jury sentences someone to the death penalty, that doesn't force Massachussets to build an electric chair if the convict is jailed in Boston. If UT says polygamy is marriage, TN shouldn't be forced to recog it. If CT issues a so-called "marriage license" and "drivers license" to chimpanzees, AZ doesn't have to monkey around! AZ can still ban chimps from driving, filing joint tax returns, or applying for welfare benefits -- regardless of what the CT & Federal courts say!
It is a sad and well-known fact that small-breasted women suffer unfair discrimination in a wide variety of industries. This is true not only in the obvious job markets, from Hollywood to Hooter, from masseuses to musicians in rock bands, but also in less-well-know but even more widespread career paths, such as receptionists, airline stewardesses, sales and advertising, and even in corporate boardrooms (... and bedrooms). These historic grievances cannot be redressed by reparations alone, nor merely by the courts. Therefore, to redress these historic grievances, the Affirmative Action movement should embrace and promote the following remedies and incentives: