Fifteen years ago, I was introduced to a young man who had escaped from Paris. Paris? Yes, Paris. He was the oldest son of a father who was an orthodox Muslim. They were quite well off. He was not too sure of his father's business. He was 20, had excellent grades and was a top athlete. After he graduated, his father informed him it was now time for him to go back to his town of origin and study to become an Imam.

However, he was raised as a Parisian, speaking perfect French as well as Arabic. He studied the Koran but as he grew up he contrasted his world of Christian sophistication with his duties and attitudes of a Muslim cleric. No comparison, Unknown to his father, he took increments of "spending" money from the ATM card his father gave him and instead of living expenses he had saved the money until when he was to return to his Arabic roots, he traded in his plane ticket for one to London.

I won't detail how he changed his identity and wound up in NYC, and eventually the heartland.
Here is his view of Islam: (I have edied it for brevity).

Posted by  $  allosaur 22 hours, 34 minutes ago
Here is me a mean ole' dino's point of view. 
The USA with its constitutional freedoms is not compatible with 
the Koran's religious demand for a worldwide caliphate 
and a whole bunch of other Muslim crap, such as 
  • murderous "martyrdom,"
  • "honor" killings,
  • requiring four male bystanders to witness a rape to name a few. The solution? We stay over here and we make them stay over there. Europe should do the same if they want to preserve what's left of the crumbling cultures that (once upon a time?) made each of their specific countries unique.

    I don't care if my point of view makes me an Islamophob[e] who ain't into no di-VERsiTEEE as I once heard a libtard sing it as his mantra. A mantra libs dearly cling to as being more important than little girls stuck with knives by people who say, "This is for Allah." Fear is why I bought guns up until the "I dream of open borders" Evil Hag lost the election. I still buy ammo just in case. Reply | Mark as read | Best of... | Permalink - 2 Posted by Herb7734 17 hours, 24 minutes ago Islam, whether radicalized or not will never be compatible with western thought. Your solution will work until Islam feels strong enough to go after the "Great Satan." When that happens, even the libs will feel the need to keep a good head on their shoulders. It is not inevitable, but it is likely. When that likelihood happens, there will be no surrender only death to one side or the other, since I cannot see Islam going for an armistice or a total surrender. Reply | Mark as read | Parent | Best of... | Permalink 1 Posted by $ allosaur 16 hours, 24 minutes ago I admit that my solution is a temporary fix. What you predict as likely I think is inevitable. Iran will eventually will have nukes (if not already) and will be in a sharing mood whenever the day comes when it's inclusively surrounded by a regional caliphate commanded by the written word of Allah's prophet to take over the world. "This is for Allah." Reply | Mark as read | Parent | Best of... | Permalink - 2 Posted by coaldigger 1 day, 3 hours ago There are over 2 billion Muslims in the world. They are as described by your young acquaintance and by their ideology, an enemy to all infidels. Those that pose in a peaceful manner form a cover for those that do not. There is nothing similar to unite the non-Muslim world, therefore they are an irresistible tide that are about 28% of the world's population and are growing at a faster rate.
    Western societies belief in tolerance, equality under the law and individual liberty is easily infiltrated and exploited and there is currently, no solution without the most fundamental changes to our world or theirs.
    Our leaders in the West have no solution other than to try to stave off the fall in their lifetime, so that is what they are going to do. Reply | Mark as read | Best of... | Permalink - 1 Posted by Herb7734 18 hours ago I know that what I'm about to type is going to sound racist, but truth is truth. Eventually, it has to come down to Islam or everyone else. If the "everyone else " wants to survive, they will have to treat adherents like persons with an incurable plague. Since the western cultures will never get to that point until they are the verge of annihilation, things don't look cheery for the eventual future.. Reply | Mark as read | Parent | Best of... | Permalink - 2 Posted by coaldigger 15 hours, 42 minutes ago Thanks. I think that was what I meant to say. The "turn the other cheek" lambs are going to become veal. The are, however, barbarians in every culture, or at least those that will treat the enemy as an enemy. If you ever get a chance visit mid-continent America. Reply | Mark as read | Parent | Best of... | Permalink - 1

    Between the Koran and Sharia, if one is to believe, there is no possible way that any Muslim true believer can ever be at peace with any other philosophy or way of life. All of those seeking peace will inevitably be frustrated because they are dealing with shadows. A charade being put on by Muslims for the benefit, eventually of themselves. All those Western peacemakers know that, yet they continue to participate in a game wher e the rules all favor their opponents. Everyone, Obama, Trump, Bush, Clinton, knows this, yet they continue to go through the motions -- and my question is, why on earth do they continue to do it.?