It was a hate crime.

The evidence clearly pointed to the fact that the assailant
viciously attacked his victim, without provocation.
Furthermore, there is much evidence showing that the crimina
criminal "profiled" the victim and uttered a racial slur
(on the telephone) before approaching his victim,
attacking violently, and using excessive force.

The jury in Florida decided that Trayvon Martin committed 
a number of criminal acts:  assault and battery, 
and probably attempted murder, and that the victim,
George Zimmerman acted only in self defense.

Furthermore, the jury rejected the notion that Zimmereman
"profiled" Trayvon Martin, but considered the evidence 
-- including the racial slurs uttered by the assailant
(on the telephone, before he attacked Zimmerman), and
also the anti-gay remarks, which suggest that Martin
apparantly believed that Zimmerman was gay and may have
attacked him for that reason, too.

If there is a civil lawsuit in this, it should be Zimmerman
suing the estate of Trayvon Martin for damages from his
vicious assult, and possibly a civil rights action against
the politicians who denied Zimmerman a Grand jury hearing
and due process -- instead staging a media circus trial,
and bringing in a "special procecutor" who hid evidence 
from the defense 

To make matters worse, 
professional "race mongers" like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton 
are now promoting and attempting to organize what can only 
be described as modern "Lynch Mobs".

The goverment of Iran has issued an official condemnation of America.
The mainstream press now these condemnations seriously,
even when they come from the same Ayatollas who execute their 
own homosexuals.  Sadly, the President has also joined this parade.

George Zimmerman was a neighborhood watch captain, fully trained 
and competent, who bravely responded to a rash of burglaries and
vandalism in a gated community, followed suspicious person who
was seen lurking around air-conditioning units and shrubbery
(and apparently peeking in windows), and was then attacked 
without any physicqal provocation, and beaten nearly senseless.
Not only is George Zimmerman lucky to be alive, he can correectly
be described as a "wounded warrior".