FEAR:  Worry about:
getting old
getting sick
paying doctors
hospital costs
Not having money to pay for increasing expenses.

Hatred of those who have money to pay their expenses,
especially when YOU might someday be unable to afford medical care.

N.B.  When I was young, I didn't have to worry about such things.
My parents paid the local doctor ($5) for my visits; this was taken for granted.
My kids didn't worry, because my EMPLOYER paid for medical insurance.
Who will pay for my (increasingly-expensive) medical care, when I'm old & gray?

Who WILL pay for the medical care?
(Which they tell me I'm no longer responsible for!)

? MY children (who benefited from my ability to provide).  A:  Hell, NO!
? Somebody-else's children:  Hell, Yes!

Q:Do you see the logic?  A:yes!  Not MY kids; somebody else's.
QQ: Do you see the fallacy?