Troubling for Democrats is that while nearly no Trump voters would re-cast their ballot differently if given the chance, "buyer's remorse" is high among those who voted for Hillary Clinton...only 85 percent of Clinton voters would back her now. Among the 15 percent of Clinton voters who say they would dump her for an alternate, more than half would vote third-party with Libertarian Gary Johnson garnering a majority of them, two percent would switch to Trump, and the rest would stay home. —Washington Blade, 4/28

On May 10, New Hampshire Rep. Joseph Stallcop (Cheshire 4), a former Democrat, announced at a press conference on the state house steps in Concord that he was changing his party affiliation to Libertarian.

"I originally joined the Democratic Party in hopes of making a difference through critical thinking and my classical liberal viewpoint," said Stallcop, "yet with the lack of unbiased data in caucuses, as well as backlash on votes Iâ' independently made, it seems there is no longer a place for me here. With a high regard for individuals [working] to implement positive change, I hereby transfer to the Libertarian Party."

"The way it seems to works up here, you’re either rising [on] the political ladder, or taking orders from those who are," Stallcop said at the press conference. "Each session, I was handed a lists of chores telling me what to vote on for that day. If I did my job well, I was quietly left to my own devices," noting that he got a dose of passive-aggressive treatment from certain individuals if he strayed.

He want on to say:

"The mere rumors of my involvement in this transition encouraged others to deceive and interrogate me. I will not be a political prisoner, and will continue to speak my mind against hypocrisy.
"The Democrats] claim to be against casinos for fear of addiction, yet ignore the Lottery’s grasp on the poor. "They claim to be for criminal justice, though many turned away
from a bill that would close the asset-forfeiture loophole.
"They claim to be for the protection of transgender rights, but didn’t even mark that bill as a caucus priority.
"This isn’t a pat on the back of the other side, however, or as the record suggests, the party of gerrymandering and cronyism."

This is the second time this year that a sitting state representative has left his party to join the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire (LPNH). Rep. Caleb Q. Dyer (Hillsborough 37) switched to the LPNH from the Republican Party in February.

"This is an historic day," said LPNH Chair Darryl W. Perry. "For only the second time in the 45-year history of the Liber tarian Party, a sitting state representative has left the Democratic Party for the Libertarian Party. And it's the first time in nearly two decades that the New Hampshire general court will have a Libertarian caucus."

Because the Libertarian Party now has two state representatives, it is entitled to be recognized as a caucus—with its own room at the capitol.

"I look forward to this caucus growing," Perry continued, "and hope that more of the classical liberals and civil libertarians in the general court will defect from the two-party system and join the Party of Principle. I look forward to liberty in our lifetime!"

According to Perry, the New Hampshire House Libertarian Caucus, with Dyer as its floor leader, will work to minimize state government, lower taxes, and eliminate barriers to conducting business. I will "work hard to expand personal liberty while protecting the rights of individuals and businesses within the state," he said. Stallcop, a student at Keene State College, has become a dues-paying member of both the national and state Libertarian Parties. •