...candidates ... pledge to contain and reduce government authority 
... pledged to sponsor and work diligently to pass legislation that will:
  • impose term limits on elected federal and state politicians;
  • end state mandates on local jurisdictions;
  • nullify and void state and federal regulations that were decreed by unelected bureaucrats, rather than voted on by elected representatives;
  • expand health freedom at both the state and federal level to make it vastly more affordable, safe, and effective;
  • end state government licensing; and
  • vote against expansions of government — at any level: federal, state, or local. Sounds a lot like Trump! candidates pledge to localize education pledged to work to stop heavy-handed meddling by state and federal governments in local schools. Specifically, ...
  • legislation to quickly end all federal mandates on state and local schools. This means ending Common Core, and all other Department of Education (D.O.E.) programs, and closing the D.O.E.
  • It also calls for cutting taxes by the amount saved, so that the savings go exclusively to taxpayers, ... who can use that money to pay for private schooling.
  • ... remove state regulations on local schools and to cut state taxes. ... reject federal mandates on schools and to deregulate private and home schooling. “We must return control of schools to local parents, teachers, and communities who know and love our kids the best,” she continued. “Without centrally planned state and federal government interference, we can provide quality, state-of-the-market education for kids at a fraction of today’s cost.” 2016 Federal Candidate Pledges 2016 Federal Candidate Pledges 2016 Local Candidate Pledges