There has not been a single (recent) incident
where it was PROVEN that a cop committed a hate crime.
    Not one.  Period.
Not even one recent case where there was credible evidence
that the MOTIVE for a shooting was racial bias on the part of the cop.
    Not a single such incident, in recent times.  Period.

OTOH, there have been many, repeated incidents where a cop was shot
and the MOTIVE of the shooter was pretty obvious:  a hate crime against cops.

DOJ should be investigating these +++

AND, there have been many, repeated incidents where 
riots and violence and looting have been ORGANIZED
by groups such as BLM (which shud stand for "B.L.Murder)

where organizers brought in many rioters from out of state
and the MOTIVE for inciting the violence was +++

The PURPOSE of these riots and violent acts was clear:
    to INTIMIDATE the local population
    to cause fear w/in the local pop (be it Feurgusen, Charlotte, +++)

Violent acts to cause fear in local pop.
Violent acts to NTIMIDATE the local population
That is precisely the definition of "terrorism".

DOJ should be investigating the organizers of this interstate terrorism.

Terrorism is (precisely) violent acts that are intended to instill fear and intimidate people living in the targetted area Inciting riots & murders of cops in these targetted areas IS an instance of Interstate Terrorism, & the US Dept of justice should be investigating them & procecuting the organizers.