Paul Jacob - Wisconsin

Mobs in the streets.

Demonstrations in Tahrir square, Cairo -- against Hosni Muhbarik remaining in office.
Demonstrations in the capital of Bahrain -- against the King.
Demonstrations in the capital of Tripoli, Libya -- against Qadaffi.


Demonstrations in Madison, Wisconsin -- against the Governor Murphy and the State Senate.
New demonstrations in Columbus, Ohio -- against Gov. Kasick's proposals.
Future demonstrations in Empire Plaza, Albany, NY -- against Gov. Cuomo's budget cutting.

< What's the difference?	> Democracy  (i.e the people rule).

All of these mobs protest against the rulers.

The mobs in Egypt/Bahrain/Tripoli are people who protest rulers 
    who rule w/o democracy, w/o free elections, ...
against tyrants who arrest/suppress/censor/kill those who oppose their rule.

The mobs in Madison, WI and elsewhere are protesting AGAINST democracy.
They want to STOP the results of democracy,

Last year, the people spoke, exercising their democratic votes, and replaced the government.
Now, the demonstrators in Madison, WI (aided by sympathizers from other states),
have abandoned their teaching jobs and other state jobs,
(abetted by WI legislators who have ignored their responsibilities,
    abandoned the job they were sworn to perform -- 
    in order to obstruct the will of the majority)

Moscow/1917:  minorities called themselves "Bolsheviks" (majority).
Bolsheviks shot up the "Constituent Assembly" 
    (a legislature democratically elected to replace the overthrown Tsar, 
    in the first-ever "election" in Russia.)

The Bolsheviks (who were actually a minority) overturned democracy in Russia,
thereby ending free elections in Russia for over 72 years -- > 1989.


Last year's demonstrations in Washington, DC, against Obamacare.
Marches on the Capitol on  9/12, 8/28, and again on 9/12 (2010).

The mobs in Washington  DC protested against the elected Congress.  
As a result, over 100 members of Congress were REPLACED.  At the ballot box.

But the mobs in madison, WI etc. are trying to achieve (with help of the media)
the overturn the will of the people, expressed in the November elections!