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The Tonight Show With Jay Leno
President Obama lit the national Christmas tree, a 40-foot Colorado spruce. Republicans don’t believe it’s really from Colorado, and they want to see a birth certificate. According to a new poll, 51 percent of Americans feel that their lives were better two years ago before President Obama took office. To which President Obama said, “Join the club.”
It was a year ago that President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. It’s the only thing in his presidency he hasn’t blamed on George W. Bush. President Obama is reportedly trying to quit smoking, but he can’t get the 60 votes in the Senate to make it happen.

Late Show Top Ten

Top Ten Least Popular Holiday Television Specials
10. "A Charlie Sheen Christmas" 
9. “The Queasiest Elf” 
8. “It’s a Wonderful Life for Rich People Thanks to the Republicans” 
7. “Santa’s Got Gout” 
6. “Mel Gibson’s Rant-Filled Hanukkah” 
5. “How the Grinch Stole Obama’s Birth Certificate” 
4. “Jack Frost Becomes Jaclyn Frost” 
3. “Ben Bernanke’s Pantsless Yuletide Jamboree” 
2. “Larry King’s ‘Which Holiday Do I Celebrate’ Special” 
1. “Brett Favre’s Yule Log”

Late Show With David Letterman
Bear hunting in New Jersey is tough. Sometimes the bears return fire.
A guy in Australia is getting married to his dog. I just hope they’re signing a prenup.
The Nobel Prize for fiction went to “It Was an Allergic Reaction to Medication,” by Charlie Sheen.

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon
Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner had to go to the hospital today because of a kidney stone. On the bright side, the stone was the first thing in months passed by a member of the Obama administration.
Sarah Palin is going to Haiti this weekend to deliver humanitarian aid. If there’s one thing that’s reassuring, it’s seeing Sarah Palin above you in a helicopter. George W. Bush’s daughter, Jenna, just put her home in Baltimore on the market for $500,000. The real estate agent said, “I just want to warn you that offers have gone way down ever since the economy was ruined by . . . someone.”
A couple in Toronto had their Facebook friends vote on the name of their newborn daughter. So congratulations to the couple and their baby girl, “Like.”

The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson
A video has surfaced of Miley Cyrus smoking out of a bong. She’s no longer Hannah Montana. She’s now known as “Hannah Marijuana.”
When Miley Cyrus’ dad, Billy Ray, found out that his daughter was taking drugs, he kicked her out of the house — until he realized she owns it.
Johnny Depp recently said he’s very anti-Hollywood. He said it from his trailer on the set of “Pirates of the Caribbean 4.”