Berlin Wall
"71 years ago, ... That too we do not forget today,"
On November 9, 1938, on Kristallnacht, or The Night of Broken Glass, at least 91 German Jews were killed and more than 200 synagogues were destroyed by rampaging Nazi mobs. Chancellor Merkel said the Nazi pogroms and the Berlin Wall serve as reminders.
She said both show that freedom cannot grow and flourish on its own, "it has to be fought for and it must always be defended."

Cheers, as he crossed.

Gorbachev Hailed for Fall of Berlin Wall
On Anniversary of Wall's Demise, German Chancellor Angela Merkel Thanks Former Soviet Leader for his Role in Historic Moment

Sarkozy claimed to have been in Berlin when the wall fell.
(Reminds me of Russian claim, "We invented first.") T. M. Reguspatoff Sarkozy Ripped for Berlin Wall Claim Critics Attack French President's Facebook Post Saying he was in Berlin when Wall Fell

Germany marks fall of the Berlin Wall

After the wall fell.


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