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Subject: = House won't pass Healthcare without a Public = Option
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Bruce = Alan -

Over the weekend Health and Human Services Secretary = Kathleen Sebelius said the Obama administration was open to considering = co-ops in a healthcare reform bill. Immediately, insurance-funded media = went on the attack. Some reporters called the public option dead -- = others "off the table".

The media is wrong... = again.

Let's be clear: A Healthcare bill = without a public option is D.O.A. in the House. = Period.

To pass any bill in the House they need at least 218 = votes but 64 House Democrats have stood up and said they will not vote = for a bill without a public option. That means a bill without a public = option would only have 193 votes.

It's up to us to make = sure these Democrats stand strong and never back down in the face of = pressure from the insurance industry and insider = Democrats. Will= you join me in thanking Healthcare Heroes like Donna Edwards from = Maryland CD-04 and Chellie Pingree of Maine CD-01 right now?

Should we be surprised that = the media got it wrong?

How many times did they count = Obama out when he ran for President? For years, Hillary Clinton was a = fait accompli as the Democratic nominee, yet we all know how that turned = out. 

Democrats = nationwide stood up and voted. When the chips were down, we didn't = change our message or back away from fighting to win. We re-doubled our = efforts and we backed the winner all the way into the White = House.

That's what we're going to do with our fight for a public = healthcare option. We will not back down. We will stand up and get the = job done. We will, more than ever, re-double our efforts to deliver the = change America needs.


There are 64 House Democrats with the = guts to lead the way. After you add your name, we'll deliver these = signatures to every single Democratic member of the House. We'll make = sure they know who the House Healthcare Leaders are. And we = will support those who stand and deliver real reform.

For = those who won't, it will be a strong reminder: if you stand against the = 76% of Americans who want a choice of a public health insurance option, = you will stand alone for re-election.

This is a campaign = and right now we are in the dog days of summer. But we're in this for = the long haul. When we're through, we will remember who stood with the = American people. We will remember who stood with the insurance = industry.

Don't despair because the media doesn't get it. Take action and get the job = done.

Thank you for everything you = do.


Jim Dean, Chair
Democracy for America 3D"Web

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