2. April 19, 1775
   Posted by: "Chris Edes" chrisedes@dynamic-mail.net chrisedes1
   Date: Sun Apr 19, 2009 3:16 pm ((PDT))

On this day (April 19th) in 1775, American colonists faced British
regulars at Lexington, and the "shot heard 'round the world" was fired.
So began the American Revolution.  On that day, an ancient paradigm was
reaffirmed -- the idea of popular government, with power residing in the
hands of the people, and invested in representatives by their consent.
Later, it would be affirmed that the sole limit, on that consent, lay in
the defense of the inherent dignity of the individual.

As a result of that historic struggle, our battles are now fought at the
polls, through the force of reason and persuasion, rather than force of
arms.  Today, our struggle for freedom and self-determination is fought
in the political arena.  Will you take a stand in this arena?  Will you
commit your time and energy, where once others committed their lives, so
that you might live free?

As for me, there is no vacillation or debate.  I will not sit at home
and watch television.  I will take the battle to the oppressor and bring
him to his knees.

for Liberty,

Chris Edes