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Bill Stein's answer to Will the Supreme Court uphold Trump's declaration of emergency on the Southern border? How long will it take for this case to reach the Supreme Court? intentional_homicide_rate#By_country
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10 most absurd things the Left calls racist
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    Federal shutdown shows how inessential most government really is !
    Nurse defends patient's rights (4th Amdt.)
    Trump tax overhaul = major disappointment
    - - All incomes are created equal?
    - - 50% cut / >30% cut / <10% cut

    - - 15>10% / 28>20% / 39>35%

    Libertarian Party prepares for 2018

    Hillary // Qadaffi // Farrakhan
    Ozymandias: Smith // Shelley
    Solar eclipse caused 2 hurricanes!

    VA Gov. (disagree with; esp his defense of infantacide); however, ...
  • A photograph cannot be "racist"!
  • Very misleading to call it a "racist photo".
  • Photo of a blackface minstrel and a KKK klansman
    Quite different from a real photo of a lynching or a KKK rally with torches
    Quite different from a real photo of a NAZI rally or a Gas Chamber!
    Quite different from a real photo of a Pol Pot and those he murdered
    Ditto for terrorists or dictators (e.g. Syria, Tibet, Iran, Cuba, Somalia, Yemen) and the bodies of their victims.
    Racist KKK klansman in a ridiculous pointy hat.
    (onbviously meant to ridicule)
    	Hitler mustaches.
    	Comedians mimicing politicians
    	Orange haired cartoons to ridicule Trump
    Photo of Blaceface Mistrel
    Common practice: (see below)
    	Shakespeare:  women's roles played by men.
    	Stage makeup.
    	Wearing Mickey Mouse ears
    	Halloween costumes (& face paint for monsters)
    	Everybody wears green of St. Patty's Day
    	Fans painting their faces at baseball games
    	And then, there's Ash Wednesday
    Blackface [Wiki] History
            Blackface was a performance tradition in the American theater for roughly 100 years beginning around 1830. It quickly became popular elsewhere, particularly so in Britain, where the tradition lasted longer than in the U.S., occurring on primetime TV, most famously in "The Black and White Minstrel Show", which ended in 1978, and "Are You Being Served"'s Christmas specials in 1976and in 1981.
            In both the United States and Britain, blackface was most commonly used in the minstrel performance tradition, which it both predated and outlasted. Early white performers in blackface used burnt cork and later greasepaint or shoe polish to blacken their skin and exaggerate their lips, often wearing woolly wigs, gloves, tailcoats, or ragged clothes to complete the transformation. Later, black artists also performed in blackface.

    Q: Ya wanna know what's "racist" to?
    A: Nonsense like "Black History Month!"
    I abhor the idea of lumping individuals into groups or classes (or constituencies).
    Let's all recognize the ultimate 'diversity": the individual!

    SORRY: To me, such things are (quite simply) "racist!"

    While we're on the subject, does anyone know which was the first country to outlaw the slave trade,
    and which ruler signed the legislation?

    It was the same man who ALMOST succeeded in outlawing slavery in the United Stes -- long before Abraham Lincoln was born.

    If there is to be such a thing as "Black History Month" in America,
    then this man deserves a place of honor in its celebration!

  • The original draft of the Declaration of Independence made human slavery illegal in teh united States of america. Unfortuantely, the delegates from the other Southern States [ALL DEMOCRAT] removed it.
  • Later, he signed the bill that outlawed slave trade -- long before England and othe rcountries did so.

    What's going on today in the Congress (and in most of the government) makes me more and more supportive of Jefferson's notion:   ROTASTION IN OFFICE.
    The state of Virginia limits the Governor to ONE TERM. PERIOD.
    (The President served for ONE TERM OF six years) in the Constition of the CSA -- but let's not go there.) Lt. Gov. is now suspected of
    "Coon Man"
    	[Only time I've heard that term -- hunting racoons & other vermin.
    	HOWEVER, I understand that in some places it's viewed as a 'racist" slur.
    			(Not sure why, but I'll accept that.)
    Blackface accusations were used against Gov during campaign, but he won.
    Suddenly, photos appeared 
    	(and there is some evidence that the lt. Gov was involved in getting them into the media.
    Then, it turned out that they were NOT photos of the Gov.
    	(They appeared on his "page", howver)
    Lt. Gov. is now suspected of leaking them
    Next, the Lt. Gov. was accused of ... (sex cirmes) ...
    Headlines from a website "Fix This Nation"
  • Liberals Waste No Time Making Northam Controversy About Trump
  • Adam Schiff on Suicide Watch as Russian Conspiracy Theory Comes Unraveled
  • Lindsey Graham: The Wall is Going Up "One Way or the Other"
  • Two Very Dumb "Everything is Racist" Stories From This Week
  • The dust has hardly settled from the Covington Catholic kids/Fake Vietnam Indian story, but it’s already clear that pundits in the media have no intention of reeling it in when it comes to wild accusations of racism. Maybe it’s not even their fault anymore. They’ve been trained to seek and find racism anywhere and everywhere they can find it, which leads them to come up with the most absurd stories you can imagine in an attempt to tell their readers: Whitey Is Bad!

    The first such story comes from Azcentral.com, where opinion contributor Rashaad Thomas talks about how “offended” he was to walk into a Phoenix restaurant and see a picture of coal miners on the wall:

    A few weeks ago, I attended a holiday party at a downtown Phoenix restaurant. I walked around to view the photographs on the wall.

    Then a photograph caught my attention.

    Friends said, “It’s coal miners at a pub after work.” It was a photograph of coal miners with blackened faces. I asked a Latinx and white woman for their opinion. They said it looked like coal miners at a pub after work. Then they stepped back, frowned and said it’s men in blackface.

    I asked the waitress to speak with a manager. Instead, I spoke with a white restaurant owner. I explained to him why the photograph was offensive. Evidently, someone else had made a similar comment about the photograph before.

    New rule of thumb: Whenever a writer or speaker uses the word “Latinx” to describe a Hispanic person, you can be certain that they’re about to say something extremely stupid.

    As if that piece isn’t enough to make you want to drive a railroad spike through your eye, there’s this piece of nonsense from The Daily Beast. So upset are liberals about former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz’s presidential ambitions that they are going to extraordinary lengths to defame him and shame him out of his decision.

    How extraordinary?

    Read for yourself:

    Starbucks, which sold music alongside coffee from 1994 to 2015, had, what could only be described as, a flat and white selection of tunes to offer.

    Over 21 years, Starbucks released and sold 262 records using Discogs.com. A good percentage of these were compilations like “Music for Little Hipsters,” or “British Folk.” The single-artist albums, though, are overwhelmingly from white musicians, according to a review by The Daily Beast. The only living black artists we could find among the 262 Starbucks releases were Herbie Hancock, Mary J. Blige, Sly & the Family Stone, Al Green, Beninese singer Angelique Kidjo, and jazz trio Soulive. Blige is the youngest among those; she’s 48 years old.

    We’re sure there are many well-justified reasons to believe that Schultz would make a poor president, but are we really supposed to think less of him because Starbucks sold predominately “white” music for ten years? Who is this article for? Who CARES?

    And we’re not even going to get into the assault on “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett, which the media is already itching to turn into some kind of Trump-inspired hate crime. It’s unclear as of Wednesday exactly what happened to Smollett, but we’re sure that whatever it was, it will be used by these race-baiting leftists to once again make sure everyone knows that white people are the world’s great evil.

    Indeed, that seems to be the only point they care to make anymore.