2003 from Tuesday Aug. 11, on

July 8 to August 19: Independent Nominating Petition period

NOTE: July 8 was the first day that independent nominating bodies such as the former parties the Green Party, the Liberal Party, the Right to Life Party, and other independents such as the Libertarian Party, and truly unaffiliated independent candidates, can start collecting the thousands of signatures they need to get on the November ballot against the established parties. The petition deadline is only 6 weeks later. Notice that the crowded events of July 4th could not be used to collect these signatures. August 19 is the last day to petition.

Still pending in Federal court is the case to require Boards of Election to allow voters to register in the party of their choice (including Green, Libertarian, Natural Law, Liberal, RTL, Constitution, etc.) rather than being unconstitutionally restricted to a few state-approved political parties.

There will be a hearing on the New Cassel Urban Renewal Plan on Tuesday,  8/12 at 7:30 pm in the Town of North Hempstead Town Hall (220 Plandome Road, Manhasset) at 7:30pm.

As you may know, the Libertarian Party of Nassau has spoken out on behalf of the people of New Cassel subjected to May Newburger's urban renewal scheme to deprive them of their property and displace them. Similarly, the Libertarian Party of New York has spoken out against Time$cam and New Rochelle urban renewal schemes to deprive property owners, tenants and taxpayers of their property for the benefit of the NY Times and Ikea. Rochard Cooper initiated those LPNY efforts when he was State Chair.

Tues. August 19:   Independent Nominating Petitions - last day to file.

Tues. August 19, Libertarian Party of Nassau meets at  8 pm at the lower level conference room, 230 Hilton Avenue, Hempstead,
8/19 Uzo Akujuo, editor of FREEDOM & PROPERTY   on "Long Island's Govts. versus Property Rights & Affordable Housing."

Upcoming:    (Third Tuesday of each month.)
9/16 Tribute to 9/11 Libertarian Hero and former Seaford resident John W. Perry
10/21 State Chair John Clifton on "Black & Libertarian: Why All Americans, but especially minorities should embrace libertarianism."

Sat. 23 August 2003    1 PM to 7 PM
Libertarian Party Annual Long Island Picnic
426 Center St.
Westbury, Long Island, NY
off exit 32 Northern State Pky.
RSVP 631 269 5711

2003 Sept. 5, Tues. 7:00 PM:   Third Party Club
This month the 1st Monday of the Month is Labor Day so it will be the 1st Tues. 
   MAZZEI'S, 7 Montauk Hwy., Blue Point   363-6666 
   CR 97 (Nichol's Road) to 27A (Montauk Hy.), then Left 
   Left into driveway 
Members of minor parties discuss common interests. 

Sept. 8, 2003 at 7:30 PM.
S A F E - Usually, the First Monday of the month, but that's Labor Day this month, so Sept. 8th instead.

Rainbow Senior Citizens Center, 
  corner of 35th Street and Buffalo Ave. 
  Village of Lindenhurst. 
Directions: Take Wellwood Ave. South off Sunrise Highway (Route 27), proceed 2 blocks and bear right at the light onto New York Avenue. Continue South on New York Ave., approximately 8 blocks to 35th Street. Turn right (West) at 35th Street and proceed 2 blocks to the flashing light (Buffalo Avenue). 
The Senior Citizens Center is on the left side of the intersection. 
Go to the rear of the building and follow the signs to the meeting room. 
    Phone:   631-957-7527     Website:   http://www.nysafe.org/

Summer 2003 TRIM Bulletins Now Online! - June 23, 2003
Check out how your U. S. Representative voted on 8 key spending measures.
View your Representative's TRIM Bulletin at: http://www.TRIMonline.org
Forward TRIM Bulletin links to friends and family members.

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