(Groundhog Day)

My comment on California Joins the Effort to Persecute, Suppress Scientific Dissent on Climate Change / The Daily Signal / January 21, 2016

In a way, these modern censors are absolutely CORRECT in their desire to investigate, prosecute, and punish anyone who questions the "established" doctrines which underlie their absolute FAITH in anthropogenic global warming/cooling/changing/weather/whatever.

The only problem is that they should also be honest enough to label it more accurately, and call it "blashemy" so as to give them a legitimate reason to suppress "heresy".

By labeling such opinions as "blasphemy" and "heresy", they will then have ample historical and legal precedent to go ahead and persecute criminal acts such as "preaching heretical notions" and to incarcerate (or burn at the stake) "deniers" who reject officially-established scientific "consensus" (e.g. planets must follow perfectly-circular paths, the speed of light is affected by ether wind, the sun revolves around the Earth, the Earth is flat, some races are superior to others, monarchs rule by divine right, etc., etc.)

To the faithful adherents of these doctrines (such as those conveyed by his holiness, the Prophet Al Gore), anyone who denies established orthodoxy or who preaches heresy -- and refuses to RECANT -- is obviously an evil agent of Satan and criminal penalties are therefore not only appropriate but mandatory and holy.

Let all believers now say, "Amen!"

Clinton Landslide in Iowa

Iowa caucus

Secret ballot vs. division of the house.
15% elimination.
Instant Runoff: 1st, 2nd, 3rd + votes go to 2nd if 1st < %